Noami began sidewalk art the summer of 2008. For years Noami admired artist that could turn pavement into a beautiful work of art and in 2008 at Denver Chalk Festival created her 1st street painting.

Via Colori Houston
Houston, TX.
November 17 & 18, 2012
Challenging moments: had a late start, I did not think I would finish on time.
Memorable Moment: Meeting Lizette by chalk neighbor, we have the same passion for art and teaching kids, Lizette is a 6th &  7th grade art teacher, meeting the photographers who have followed my work over the last 5 years, it's always takes me by surprise when people remember my work, meeting those who come out each year and show me the pics they have taken with their camera or phone, blesses me every single time.
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Denver Chalk Festival
Denver, CO.
June 2 & 3, 2012
Challenging moments: half way through the first day it became very windy then began to rain.
Memorable Moment: having so many people remember the very 1st chalk drawing I did 5 years ago, got a compliment from an Asian elder, I responded with "thank you for the kind words" her response: "No, it is not just words, you need to be proud".....I thought she was going to hit me.
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Chalk It Up Prescott
Prescott, AZ.
April 21-22, 2012
Challenging moments: the heat and getting the angle of the girls face right.
Memorable Moment: Re-connecting with Dana Cohn. A talented artist in his own right; telling me how much I've influenced & inspire him...I though it to be the other way around.....
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Lake Worth Streetpainting Festival 2012
Lakeworth, FL.
February 2012
It rained part of the 1st day,
but the same came out later that day and had clear weather on the 2nd day.
Memorable Moment: Meeting fellow artist Shakeerah and her Father Mr. Maragh.
Spoke words of wisdom, kindness, love and inspiration.
A God send! My adopted family. So blessed and grateful to have met them
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Via Colori Houston. 
Houston, TX 
November 2011
First time I used Red as the major color.
Memorable Moment: Meet an older gentlemen that was colorblind, red was green in his sight.
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Sarasota Street painting Festival.   
Sarasota, Fl.  November 2011. 
Memorable Moment: Young mom with her son, was so appreciative of the black and white, her son said "Thank you for drawing something I can see"
click here to view"Purple Girl 1" progression picture

Chalk It Up To Education
Littleton, CO  
Sept. 2011
Memorable Moment: Meeting the next generation of artist.
Denver Chalk Festival 2011
Denver, CO   
July 2011 
Memorable Moment: Meeting fans of my work, who come every year to see what I will do. Blessed my whole weekend. Won 3rd Place for "Best In Show".
click here to view"Pink/Yellow Girl" progression picture

Chalk It Up Prescott 2011
April 16 & 17
Oh what a time we had in Arizona! Dragged my BF Michelle to another streetpainting festival/adventure - Every street painting adventure she's on with me, she gets sunburned. It was such a great compliment to return to a city that remembers your work from the previous year. Was honored to have made the front cover of their local newspaper....wasn't even a featured artist this year. I love this city, it is so peaceful and quite - its always a time of relaxation for me.  
Memorable Moment: Meeting Gary & Vanessa of California (in town for the weekend to see a specialist). I watch their daughter walk across the parking w/her dad to their square; she look one of the girls in my collection. I had to introduce myself and ask if it would be possible to draw her portrait. I was able to meet the whole family throughout both days, just a sweet family that know how to enjoy each other. Love it when God ordained moments happen.