Out in the open

The Denver Chalk Festival was the first
chalk festival I had ever been a part of.

I always admired artist who could create beautiful works of art on the ground. For years I wanted to try it but never had the courage to do so. At the True Colors Collections first gallery show in 2008, I met one of the festivals volunteer during First Fridays and they have invited me to sign up to be an artist at the festival. As a kid a played with sidewalk chalk but never ever tried creating a piece of work. The first day I had so much anxiety about drawing out in the open where people could see everything you are doing; I was use to showing the final product.

Halfway through the day, I finally hit my groove and was able to relax and just enjoy creating. I met a lot of people that day, so humble and grateful that anyone would come out and draw on the ground. It was great energy between the artist and the public.
Pink Girl 2 finished chalk drawing at the Denver Chalk Festival 2008

Thus, began my journey across the United States, sharing The True Colors Collection in a different way, being an advocate for children and youth through the arts and helping other organizations reach their financial goals. It has been a great blessing to have been able to travel and do what I love to do.

Check out my video about the collection - right here.

You can see the entire collection on my Flickr portfolio, view video from different chalk festivals on YouTube and see what brings me inspiration for the collection on my pin board.