10 reasons why The True Colors Collection is so special

True Colors Collection at Ute Pass Library 2014
True Colors Collection at Ute Pass Library 2014

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, it comes down from the Father of all light"  ~ James 1:17

1. Made with love
2. It's for all ages
3. It's for all people groups
4. It will remind of someone or some child, you may see yourself
5. It has brought healing to many people
orange boy 1 from the True Colors Collection at Via Colori Houston
Via Colori Houston 2010
6. It has allowed people to remember their dreams
7. It brings out who we really are
8. Reflects the beauty in all of us
9. Can be enjoyed at coffee shops, libraries, galleries and outdoors
10. Represents all of us

The True Colors Collection: 7 years in the making
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