Friday, March 28, 2014

When I hear music

Songs That Inspire...

The song inspiration for The True Colors Collection is True Colors written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly.
Over the years, songs that inspire, touch our hearts and have great meaning have been added to list of musical inspiration. Here's just a few. Hope you enjoy it.

True Colors Collection Spotify Playlist 2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Patriotic Girl

What's new to the collection?

Patriotic Girl!

Last year I was invited to be an artist at Sarasota Chalk Festival, themed: "Legacy Of Valor".
I was asked by the event planners to create a piece representing children.
Patriotic Girl drawing unfinished for the True Colors Collection by Noami Foster
I had not completed the piece prior to the chalk festival, but I knew what I wanted the piece to look like.
Patriotic Girl 1st of chalk drawing at Sarasota Chalk Festival by Noami Foster
It rained the 1st half of the day when I started the chalk drawing. I had reduce the size a foot on all four sided to ensure the piece would be complete my end of second day.
Finished Patriotic Girl for The True Colors Collection by Noami Foster
This last month, I finally finished the Patriotic Girl. I had never used white Prismacolor until this piece.
I happy with the final results.

Like to see the entire collection? You can view the entire collection on flickr onejdesigns
I have the opportunity to travel the country participating in chalk festival: view a few on my youtube channel
Interested in a few pieces? Visit my online shops zazzle/onejdesigns and etsy/onejdesigns

Thank you for visiting my blog and for following the adventures of The True Colors Collection
~ Noami

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Out in the open

The Denver Chalk Festival was the first
chalk festival I had ever been a part of.

I always admired artist who could create beautiful works of art on the ground. For years I wanted to try it but never had the courage to do so. At the True Colors Collections first gallery show in 2008, I met one of the festivals volunteer during First Fridays and they have invited me to sign up to be an artist at the festival. As a kid a played with sidewalk chalk but never ever tried creating a piece of work. The first day I had so much anxiety about drawing out in the open where people could see everything you are doing; I was use to showing the final product.

Halfway through the day, I finally hit my groove and was able to relax and just enjoy creating. I met a lot of people that day, so humble and grateful that anyone would come out and draw on the ground. It was great energy between the artist and the public.

Pink Girl 1 Denver Chalk Festival 2008 by Noami Foster
See start to finish images of Pink Girl 1 - Denver Chalk Festival 2008

Thus, began my journey across the United States, sharing The True Colors Collection in a different way, being an advocate for children and youth through the arts and helping other organizations reach their financial goals. It has been a great blessing to have been able to travel and do what I love to do.

Check out my video about the collection - right here.

You can see the entire collection on my Flickr portfolio, view video from different chalk festivals on YouTube and see what brings me inspiration for the collection on my pin board.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Inspiration Is Everywhere!

What Inspires You?

Often times I am asked "Where do you get your inspiration?"

My 1st answers is always: Children. In regards to how I choose the color, it's based on the emotion of the children and what you want people to feel. The inspiration can come from numerous places, this month I created a Color-Of-The-Month board giving examples of how you can see and receive inspiration from things you see regularly.

Inspiration is everywhere, All you have to do is SEE IT!

Monday, March 10, 2014

The True Colors Collection Branding

Separate Us!

By profession I am a graphic designer and last year I had the challenge of separating The True Colors Collection brand from my graphic/web design business and this was the result.

Re-Design: separate onejdesigns brand from The True Colors Collection brand.
Client: myself – onejdesigns
Challenge: Create two separate brand identities. ( PART 1 )
(Read More)

True Colors Collection onejdesigns labels stickers

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Orange Fest

Orange Boy 1 Orange Fest get together.

1. Start with a good book.
2. Soothing cup of tea - I enjoy Jasmine Tea.
3. Color coordination is key:
    This orange wristlet holds all I need - including my bookmark, Thank You note card and writing pencils
4. Finally, meet up with friends for good tea, book reading and fellowship.

Looking for Alaska Orange Boy 1 Notecard Bookmark orange pencils cup of jasmine tea orange jeweled wristlet by Noami Foster
Orange Boy 1 Bookmark and Notecard including matching pencils by Noami Foster

In photographs:
Orange Boy 1 Note card and bookmark from my onejdesigns shop
Twinings Organic Tea
Mug from Barnes and Noble Cafe
Looking For Alaska by John Green
Orange studded wristlet from Charming Charlie
Personalized pencils from Oriental Trading Company

Monday, March 3, 2014

Gallery Show at Cheyenne Mountain

Collection returns to Cheyenne Mountain Library.

I was truly blessed to be asked back to hang part of the collection at one of the Pikes Peak Library District branch libraries, Cheyenne Mountain Library. The first time I showed their was December 2012, where I was the Featured Artist of the Month. What a great way to celebrate the collections 7th Anniversary. Thank You! Pikes Peak Library District for the invitation.

part of the true colors collection hanging at Cheyenne Mtn. Library gallery by Noami Foster
Part of the True Colors Collection hanging at Cheyenne Mtn Library gallery by Noami Foster

Saturday, March 1, 2014