Thursday, October 10, 2013

The holidays will soon be here

True Colors Collection Holiday Greeting Card ideas.

Looking forward to presenting a new design for 2013 Holiday Season.
Here's a flashback to 2012 design. Both will be available on the Zazzle Shop.

I'm thinking....RED

Blue Girl 1 Holiday Post Card, envelope and stamps from The True Colors Collection by Noami Foster
True Colors Collection 2012 Greeting Card.
Blue Girl 1 Mousepad, postcard and stamps from The True Colors Collection by Noami Foster
Blue Girl 1 from The True Colors Collection.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

#TCC Etsy Gift Guide For Men

This month Etsy picks is all about the men in your life. 

Inspiration: Green Boy 1 from The True Colors Collection.

Challenge: Find products that would pair nicely as a gift for men

Green Boy 1 at Lake Worth Streetpainting Festival 2010 by Noami Foster
Lake Worth Streetpainting Festival 2010  •  Lake Worth, FL.
I love shopping for my brother and guy friends. I will look for items that fit their personality and also find unique items that they themselves would not buy. 
Here are my picks for inspired by "Green Boy 1" from Etsy artisans. 
Click on image to visit shop.

iPhone 4, iPhone 5 Cigar Box Docking Station / Organizer / Valet by NewLightCraftworks
This is a great gift for any man in your life. Keeps all the essentials in one place. 
Add Green Boy 1 key chain to the group for a perfect and unique gift.

Shaving Soap Set with Brush by EcoChicSoaps
For the metro-male who loves a close shave. 
Pack this with a short note using a Green Boy 1 notecard will be a memorable gift.

Cozy Handknitted mens Boot socks by LuckyPawsCrafts
As winter approaches these handmade socks will keep toes warm. Wear around the house or in boots. Only thing missing is Green Boy 1 mug for morning coffee.

Cufflinks,NFL RAIDERS by etnecklace 
Say What? Raiders Cuff Links!...NUFF SAID.

Personalized Mini Baseball Bats by Engraving Pro
Have a business and want to high light a major event? These speciality bats would work.
Pair these bats with a Thank You note using the Green Boy 1 notecards adds a little something extra to your event.

Mustache Mug by NelsonStudio
This mug is so adorable that Dad's everywhere would appreciate.
Pair this with a book he's been wanting to read and a Green Boy 1 bookmark.

Ultimate Tailgate Party Gift Box
BBQ goodies. I have cooks in my family, this they would love.
These are my ETSY picks this month. Hope you like them
~ Noami

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Your Love For Me

Green Boy 1 Gift Guide

Green Boy 1 is one of the original ten from the collection. November of 2008, because of The True Colors Collection, I met Jeffrey Nickelson. It wasn't until we meet again via Facebook that I realize how much Jeffrey looked like Green Boy 1. 

Children from the collection reminded Jeffrey of several people in his life, so he had named each kid in the collection. It is because of Jeffrey that I have considered renaming each child in the collection with their own name. Jeffrey loved rainbows, the colors in the collection made him think about rainbows. The poem that you see below was written by Jeffrey Nickelson before he passed away, September 5, 2009. 

Though Jeffrey was in my life for a short while, he impacted my life greatly.  I miss him everyday, love him still everyday, AND, I am thankful & grateful for the gifts he left behind.
Thank You Jeffrey, for everything.
~ Noami

The Green Boy Gift Guide reflects 

Jeffrey's personality and love for all things art.

Your Love for me newsletter, Green Boy 1 products from Etsy & Zazzle, Festivals by Noami Foster
©2013 by Noami Foster   •
In 2011, I was honored to one of the 7 local artists chosen by Denver Arts & Venues to create banners that would hang at Colorado Convention Center in Downtown Denver while the Spire building was in construction. It was a defining moment to see the art and poem hang together in the middle of downtown- 14th & Champa - one of my life's highlights. (click here to view video)

From onejdesigns Zazzle Shop:

©2013 by Noami Foster   •
Whether you are drinking tea, coffee or a cold cup of water, this mug is just a cute addition to anyone's collection. Writing letters, sending mail is becoming rare, these custom stamps makes receiving mail a lot more fun. This is one of my favorite phone cases, When I use it, I always get asked: "Where did you get that?" Enjoy shopping Zazzle.

From The True Colors Collection Etsy Boutique

©2013 by Noami Foster  •
Green Boy 1 bookmark and note card will provide a unique gift idea for the men in your life.
Whimsical, fun and masculine. (bookmarks available later this month). 
Take your time and explore the Etsy Shop.

From a Dream to Reality to Chalk.

2010 Fort Worth Streetpainting Festival   •  Fort Worth, FL.
I kept a promise to a friend, to (re)create Green Boy 1 at a chalk event I would be a part of; this is hands-down my favorite chalk piece I have done so far. Absolutely my favorite. I feel in love with West Palm Beach, FL. the first time I went and having a Streetpainting Festival like this each year, is just a great reason to visit and start a tradition.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Why I will continue on with the collection

This video says it all.

Stop and smell the roses

Purple Girl 1 Gift Guide

Purple Girl 1 is one of the first pieces from The True Colors Collection. The subject is my niece who is now a teen. I started the collection for her, that she would always have positive images of who she is, a beautiful biracial child of God. March 2013 marked the 6th Anniversary of The True Colors and Purple Girl 1 was featured in the monthly blog. Here a few products from Purple Girl 1 Gift Guide you can find on Etsy and Zazzle Shop.

Smelling The Roses The True Colors Collection newsletter featuring Purple Girl 1 products form Etsy & Zazzle by Noami Foster

For the book readers you know.
Purple Girl 1 bookmark from The True Colors Collection by Noami Foster
Purple Girl 1 Bookmark
Stationary makes for a great stocking stuffer.
Purple Girl 1 Notecard, pen and notepad from The True Colors Collection by Noami Foster
Purple Girl 1 Notecard, Notepad and pen
Gift idea for the college student.
Purple Girl 1 Mousepad, bookmark and mug from The True Colors Collection by Noami Foster
Purple Girl 1 Mousepad, bookmark and mug
DIY: Frame a Purple Girl 1 notecard in a beautiful frame.
(black scrapbook paper frames the notecard)
Purple Girl 1 Notecard in a picture frame from The True Colors Collection by Noami Foster
Frame from Hobby Lobby
Share the love:
Send a special love note.
Close up of Purple Girl 1 Stamps, Pen, and Notepad from The True Colors Collection by Noami Foster
Purple Girl 1 Stamps, Notepad and pen
The Ultimate Gift Set
Purple Girl 1 Gift Set, Notecard, Bookmark, Print from The True Colors Collection by Noami Foster
Gift set includes: Notecard, 9x12 print and bookmark

True Colors song by John Legend

I will search the web for different versions of True Colors.
Love this one by John Legend. Every time I hear this song, it stir up so many emotions.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Framing Notecard

Beautiful note cards can be framed pieces of art.

I took the Yellow Girl 1 notecard from The True Colors Collection Etsy Shop and put it in a frame from Charming Charlies. If you've ever been to Charming Charlies then you understand the beauty of color coordination.
Yellow girl note card cut into a circle with crayola hello sunshine crayons,
Step 1: cut the note card to fit the frame.
uplclose image Yellow girl note card cut into a circle with crayola hello sunshine crayons,
 Step 2: color in the background using Crayola Crayons Hello Sunshine pack.
I like the dark to light effect.
Framed yellow girl notecard inside a charming charlie yelllow jeweled frame
Step 3: Frame and display. This will brighten up any room.

Crayola Fun

Last week I was out Back-To-School shopping at Walmart to stock up on office supplies and stumbled across these beauties. I am a collector of different kinds of Crayola and Crayola packaging. I could not resist; these reminded me of the True Colors Collection.
Crayola pretty pink, hello sunshine, red hot, shady gray, true blue, keen green, playful purple 8 count box of crayons
These are so much fun. 
I want to try them out on a few different textured paper.Crayola Playful Purple box of crayons and purple girl 2 bookmark and notecard
Pair Playful Purple with Purple Girl 2 from

The True Colors Collection for a cute gift

 Yellow jewel circular picture frame Charming Charlies, crayola hello sunshine crayons, yellow girl note card
Craft Project!

Friday, July 26, 2013

True Colors Collection Gift Guide For The Musician

Christmas In July Violin Guide using Etsy.

Inspiration: Pink & Yellow Girl 1 from The True Colors Collection.

These are some of my favorite items from Etsy Artisans that would
be a great pair with products for Pink/Yellow Girl 1. 

Pink & Yellow Girl - Denver Chalk Festival 2011

Pink and Yellow Hat and Scarf Set from CosmoComposure
Matching outfits...almost.

3D Watch Fashion Watch from IShowIStyle 
This would pair nicely with Pink/Yellow Girl bookmark.
Custom Painted Violins from JuleezGallery
 Great way to compliment a Pink/Yellow girl print.

Music Is Life wall decal from imprinteddecals 
I can see this in the studio with engineer making sure the music is just 
right along with a pink/yellow girl mousepad.

Pew Marker Vintage Sheet Music by roseflower48 
add tea and a Pink/Yellow Girl coffee mug to this gift set 
for the shabby chic lover you know.
Shabby Chic Frames from HuckleberryVntg 
A Pink/Yellow Girl print would look lovely in one of these frames.
Pink Lemonade Birthday Cake Pop from SimplyDivineDesserts
 A set of Pink/Yellow Girl notecards or notebook along with these cake pops 
make from an adorable gift set.
Steampunk Violinist table sculpture from cabinetocurios 
This is an amazing sculpture for any violin lover - 
add Pink/Yellow Girl set: print, notecard, bookmark to complete the gift.

Violin Necklace from rainnua 
A beautiful framed print of Pink/Yellow Girl would be a great graduation gift.
Violin tote bag from BearAndRobot 
Add a bookmark and this would be the perfect gift for the readers you know.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Zazzle's "Christmas In July" happening Now!

YEAH! Zazzle's is having their
"Christmas in July Sale"

Zazzle's New Logo


'Tis the Season To Save!

I am happy that The True Colors Collection has a shop at Zazzle.

65% off cards,
40% off mugs,
25% off clothing
& 20% off all products!
Enter code JULYHOLIDAYS at checkout.
Sale ends Thursday 7.25.13

Thursday, July 18, 2013

True Colors Thursday

God Put A Rainbow In The Sky

God put a rainbow in the sky
God put a rainbow in the sky 
When It looked like the sun would not shine anymore 
God put a rainbow in the sky. 
When It looked like the sun would not shine anymore
God put a rainbow in the sky.

True Colors Inspiration:

"I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth." ~ Genesis 9:13

Be sure to view our inspiration board.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Orange Gift Guide

Christmas In July Orange Gift Guide using Etsy.

Inspiration: Orange Girl 3 from The True Colors Collection.

Challenge: Find products that would pair nicely as a gift.

Some fashion, jewelry, home accessories and vintage

Orange Girl 3 from The True Colors Collection by Noami Foster

One of my favorite things to do during "Christmas in July" is pair up gift ideas with The True Colors Collection. Here are my picks for "Orange Girl 3" from Etsy artisans. 
Click on image to visit shop.

Thank you for viewing my pics from Etsy, What would be yours"
Happy Shopping.
~ Noami