Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hello Everyone
OH MY! Summer Illuminate is already here. I am excited and I am nervous. This is our 2nd Illuminate. Never thought I would ever be producing a musical showcase...God does has a since of humor. It amazes me what Abba Father can do in the midst of people. So many said I couldn't & wouldn't. They ain't saying anything now. Colorado Black Arts Festival was off the chain. Street painting was a great addition to the festival, very interactive. I look forward to returning next year. Have a blessed day everyone.
~ Noami

Celebration of Children presents:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

True Colors Collection Adventure

Hello everyone:
Tomorrow I will be at the Colorado Black Arts Festival, creating a new piece from my True Colors Collection. I am nervous, this is the first time in their 24 year history of a streetpainting artist. Please come by and say Hi, I will be at the Visual Arts Pavilion!

I haven't journaled in almost a year so I have to find my groove again. I am on facebook, twitter, myspace check out the right side of the page to add me as a friend. Celebration Of Children is slowly coming along of which I do not mind. Had to make some major changes but was necessary. If you are going to lead by example, then lead by example that's including leading when you think no one is watching.

When you can take a look at Celebration Of Children website, let me know what you think.
We've added a cooking program, instructed by a great
Celebration Of Children

Have a great weekend
~ Noami