My favorite art tools

Well, Hello there - I know it's been a while!
A lot of changes has happen since my last blog - I am happy to be back blogging.
It is about 7pm on a Thursday evening and I am planning for a gallery show for February and March at the Pikes Peak Library District.

One of the most commonly asked questions about the collection "Are these watercolor?". The answer: NO! So I wanted share some of my favorite tools I use when creating a piece for The True Colors Collection. I found these products to be the best products for what I want to accomplish.

Dust Brush:  I erase quite often and it is best to use a brush and not your hands. Your hands have natural oils and can smear your drawing.

Kneaded Eraser: reminds me of putty, you can knead the eraser into a point to erase small areas or smash for big areas - it's just a fun eraser to have.

Paper Stumps: again, I try not to use my fingers to blend because of the oils and these stumps work great for blending. (they come in a variety of sizes - check your local art/craft store)

Gamsol: I've been using Gamsol in the last few years; it is an excellent mineral for blending colors and works very well with Prismacolor Pencils. LOVE IT!

Prismacolor Turquoise Pencils: These are the best, you can get them in hard and soft lead, ranging from very light to very dark. I use a wide range for texture and depth.

Prismacolor Color Pencils: My favorite color pencils EVER!. That's all I can say - just try them if you haven't.

So, that's a few of my favorite tools. Let me know what you like to use.

Thanks for visiting The True Colors blog
~ Noami

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