Introducing Purple Girl 1

Purple Girl 1 from The True Colors Collection from Noami Foster

Purple Girl 1 was created in 2008. It was part of the first gallery show I had in 2008. The image is of my niece, who is now a teenager. I wanted to add Purple Girl to the collection to represent everything that is pure and innocent about children. Remember the first time you smelled a flower? The curiosities of childhood of exploring, learning new things, having great adventures. Those times did not happen in a classroom. It all happen at home, in your backyard or frontyard, playing in your neighborhood. Because children are a lot closer to the ground than adults, kids tend to see things us adults no longer see. I believe this is a collection favorite because it reminds us all of our own childhood adventures and explorations.

Memorable Moment regarding Purple Girl 1:
I have two memorable moments with Purple Girl 1
1. The first time I had recreated Purple Girl in chalk form was at the "Imagine Peace Paint In" in 2008. A local organization put together an event surrounding John Lennon's song "Imagine" at Civic Center park downtown Denver. The park was full of people, full of artists from all different genre's. It was amazing to be around so much positive creative energy & ideas. It though for sure once it was over, they would power wash off the chalk....they didn't they let it stay and allowed the rain to wash it away. It was a great reminder for why the event was held in the first place. It made feel so good that this could be enjoyed just a little while longer. (It still makes me smile).

2. The original is now retired and is with a loving couple. But when this was at gallery showing, every single time, there would someone to say this looks just like my child, my niece or my grand-daughter. And if they have pictures, they will show me. That is what amazes me, how a drawing can reflect so many babies and its actually of one child. Blows me away - can't wrap my head around it.

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