A negative to a positive

Green Girl 2 banner ad from the True Colors Collection by Noami Foster
 Green Girl 2 - Go Green For Me

As an artist you will run into people who may not like what you create and can have negative comments. In 2008 I submitted two pieces into the "Green Show" hosted by Core New Art Space in Denver, CO; Green Boy 1 and Green Girl 2 "Go Green For Me".  During this time I had several art critics & gallery owners tell me that my work was out dated, immature in nature and needed to create large volumes of work before having an art show.....Brutal. Well, to make a long story short. Green Girl 2 "Go Green For Me" got Best In Show for the Green Show. Thus far, out of all the chalk festival I have been a part of for the past 5 years, this image has been the most photographed. You will cross paths with individuals who don't like what you create, then you may cross paths with individuals who love what you do and give you an award for it.