Black Arts Festival 2011

Had an incredible time at the Black Arts Festival last month, it was like a family reunion. My spiritual family I haven't seen in years. BOY! WAS IT HOT! I took 3 days to complete this piece. The first day I had to wait for a tent because of the scorching sun. The ground was probably the roughest surface I've had to work on. We were able to have a donation bucket by the square, grateful to all those who dropped their change in. It helped pay for expenses towards Culinary Kids.

Music created especially for The Balck Arts Festival 2011 by Noami Foster
click here to see the progression of Green Boy and Yellow Girl.
Had part of my collection hanging at KJs Coffee in Denver, CO. It was good to meet some of their customers who came out to the festival. They just happen to have one the best Vanilla Lattes in the state!

True Colors Collection by Noami Foster on display at KJ's Coffee in Denver, CO