Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

Over the last year, I've gotten the same comment over and over and over again. Noami, you are an amazing artist, your designs are great and you've done well at marketing but what do you know about producing a show! *** SIDE NOTE *** It always amazes me when folk want to put you in a category or box to make themselves feel comfortable. Let's talk spiritual matters. You may never fully understand why God orders your steps, why HE has you around certain individuals or even why you may do certain task that may seem insignificant at the time. Could it be because their deposits that the Holy Spirit is allowing you to take in and learn for a latter time.
Celebration Of Children primary logo designed Noami Foster of onejdesigns

Producing ILLUMINATE was not, I repeat, was not on my radar for my life at all. But when God is in control nothing is ever the norm. Illuminate came because I saw a need in the community for individuals to use the gifts/talents who were just sitting on them. God gave them to us for a reason and we must use them to glorify Him and help build the the Kingdom (The Holy Spirit does move outside of the church walls). 
I have the opportunity to sit and absorb for two great Men of God who were very much skilled in their craft, unknowing to myself I was learning from them. 
Sometimes, when you are placed somewhere it is time for you to shut up, hear & learn. Not a time for you to be seen or be heard. Let me clarify something here; I was not in a leadership role while I was around these gentlemen, I did behind the seen things, that most people wouldn't do. (There is NOTHING menial in God's sight - you don't know what you'll receive where you are placed) Allow the Holy Spirit to pour into your life because at that moment you are learning things to be used at a later time. I can't imagine where I would be now had not sat still and learned what I need to. Celebration Of Children would not be in existence.
The True Colors Collection by Noami Foster promotion postcard
A drawing in The True Colors Collection is a reflection of God ordering my steps for His purpose. I give thanks to God for meeting Mark Leonard and Jeffrey Nickelson who had great influence in my life and lives of others; My brothers in Christ. I hope that answers the question of how I could produce Illuminate?....Well, I learned.