The story of Green Boy & Girl 1

Green Boy & Boy 1 from The True Colors Collection by Noami Foster including Jeffrey Nickelson
©2011 by Noami Foster

Green Boy & Girl 1 was inspired by Proverbs 18:22 which says
"He who finds a wife finds a good thing And obtains favor from the LORD."
From childhood young girls are influenced to be a home maker by evidence of the toys that are sold (dolls, baking sets, doll houses, etc); but it is not the case with young boys; what you see are cars, GI Joes, now there are XBOXs and such. Very lop sided. If marriage is the end results of being in a relationship, then what must you know, what should you be doing, what questions do you ask while in the relationship. Green Boy & Girl 1 is just the acknowledgement that at some time our little ones, will grow up and find a help-meet suitable and as adults we teach them how to be Men and Women of God prior to them becoming a wife or husband, that is a COVENANT relationship. 
A child's love is so pure and honest and as adults we could learn from that innocence. Over time with circumstance, situations that happen to us as individuals can taint what love is and how perceive what love should be. Out of self-protection we made put conditions on our love, on how we give it and that is not God's way. Green Boy & Girl 1 is one of my favorites because it allows adults to remember that unconditional love that children give freely.

"If for no other moment in our lives and time...
We lived love...

poem written by Mr. Jeffrey Nickelson

All rights reserved © by Noami Foster 2009