The Story of Yellow Girl 1

Yellow Girl 1 from The True Colors by Noami Foster using Prismacolor Pencils
Yellow Girl 1 from The True Colors Collection by Noami Foster
One of the things I learned from my mentors is to know who is around you and be careful whom you allow around. I have to admit that I have not done business with individuals based on how my assistant, friends and/or colleagues were treated. Whom you have represent you can help you or hurt you. Yellow Girl came about when I had to make a decision to partner with a non-profit organization. I did not want to work with this organization not only because of how I was handle but how others were treated and by partnering with this organization, what they said and did would reflect on myself as well as my business. I spent time in prayer asking for guidance and clarity. 2 months later I had the opportunity to meet with founder of the organization one on one. I was surprised to see the difference in ethics/integrity with the founder and his employees. Had I not had the opportunity to meet with the founder I would not be working with them today. Yellow girl is so expressive and she represents all the children who deserved the opportunity to be heard regardless of the behavior of others.