Friday, March 27, 2009

How Green Boy I came about

Green Boy 1 from The True Colors Collection by Noami Foster about Jeffrey Nickelson
Green Boy 1 from The True Colors Collection by Noami Foster
No matter where the collection is being exhibited or even if I am participating in a street painting festival; there are two questions that are always asked:

1. "Where did the collection come from?" and 
2. "What was your inspiration behind each drawing?"

With the help of my friends and support from Hessini Roots International Cafe, we've put together a video about the 'True Colors" Collection. The video will be at my website next month. Starting this month I will begin to highlight a child from the collection explain how they came to be. This month the featured drawing is "Green Boy I"

Green Boy I is the most recognized out of all the children in the collection and probably the closest to my heart. As some of you may know, the true colors collection came of a time of prayer, each child represents an individual, situation I had prayed for, it was my process of healing and really learning  how to forgive.  The character/personality of the individual I prayed for is reflected in Green Boy I. This individual is a director/producer/actor, he is very animated and expressive in speech and action. All of those things are seen in Green Boy I. 9 months later I walk into a venue where the 'True Colors" Collection will be displayed to meet the owner who I have long admired, thinking his look reminds me of Green Boy I. I am happy to say the venue owner, who is a producer, director, actor, has Green Boy I.   A PERFECT FIT.   In fact if the current owner were to stand next to the drawing, you would think it was a commissioned work especially for him. WOW! it has been awesome to see where it originated to where it is now and it feels good to know Green Boy I is where he is supposed to be.

Green Boy I (Version 1)
I love, laugh and sing because of you...
Your love for me always sees me through...
Pain and sadness comes as it always does...
Once more I sing,engulfed in your loving hugs...
I see my true colors

Green Boy I (Version 2)
I love, laugh and sing for you...
Your love for me carries me through...
Pain and sadness comes as it does...
I stand and sing,engulfed in your hugs...
You see my true colors!

Green Boy I (Version 3)
I love my Mommie and my Daddy and they both love me!
Look out world, here I come, you all better get ready!

poems written by Mr. Jeffrey Nickelson
All rights reserved © by Noami Foster 2009

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