Celebration of Children

True Colors Collection by Noami Foster celebrates it's 1 year anniversary for Celebratio Of Children
The 'True Colors" Collection is celebrating is 1yr. anniversary. What an amazing year it has been. Because the collection is about children, this event is for children. I have teamed up with Hessini Roots International Cafe, to offer Children 10 and under a FREE Meal...Yes! A Free meal. Tell your friends, family, neighbors that this happening on Saturday.
You will always feel welcome at Hessini Roots International Cafe. It's a place where you kick back and enjoy the food, music, art & fellowship; you can't go to Hessini and spend only a half hour, this is family so you'll stay a few hours.

Also: For the Adults, I will be giving a gift basket of "My Favorite Things" - Notecards of the entire collection, a 9x12 print chosen by my Mom, some gift cards, music, etc. Come out drop your name/number or business card in a basket for your chance to win.

One last thing:
2 works from the "Imagine Me" Collection will be on display, completely different from the "True Colors" Collection.

on behalf of myself and Hessini Roots International Cafe we would like to say: THANK YOU DENVER/METRO DENVER for support & encouragement.